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The Factual Pokedex about POKEMON that anyone can edit. 5 articles since may of 2009
Basicly the pokedex lied, and it was boring, so now we have POKEDUNCE



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Pokedunce has created by Leekduck so that people could make fun of Pokemon and not be attacked , Please read The rules because even though this is a non-essencial wikia we still want to be decent and not end up like family guy, as of now there is only one member of this wikia and that is me, Im all alone, I can do whatever I want, that is, until somebody else joins You dont even need to log in to edit

also as you can see my attempt at making a logo was a fail, I uploaded some images I want to replace it with but I dont know how so can somebody tell me how to replace a logo

logo disappeared by itself for some reason,


Okay now this site is completely new, there are very, VERY, few pages, (three) This is because I only made it three days ago, Now on the contents section you can see I have added red links meaning they lead to nowhere, Those I plan to be different sections in witch the pokedunce will be split into, I can help you with any of the sections APART from the cartoon series because Ive never watched the cartoon, but dont think im just getting you lot to do all my work, I will help I have plenty of pokemon jokes, I just dont want to tread through writing articles just so I can get to telling one joke, I have already made a rules page and a page on pokemon itself, Please discuss how we are going to manage this site on the talk page

Think of this as your chance to be funny about pokemon, and relax into a non-serious atmosphere

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pokemon go see the pokemon article its good

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